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Tired of people invading your privacy? Some people need to be hit over the head to get the message. This is the story of how we choose to deal with these pests.

The Mission

With the Personal Space Enforcer, you can frankly tell people to get out of your face without even opening your mouth. A series of designated reactions occur as pests enter your personal space, and get more aggressive as they get further into your personal area.

The Idea

The Tools

The toolkit comprised of an Arduino, an accelerometer, 2 led lights and an ultrasonic sensor.


brought to you by The Personal Space Enforcers




Prototype in Action

How Mikey Works

Mikey, the Personal Space Enforcer, reacts when pests get within 144 cm of the device. As the pest moves within the 80 cm range, the blue light begins to beep faster. Only when the pest moves within the 40 cm and closer range does Mikey begin to erratically beep, deterring the pest from coming any closer.



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