BIBAG for JCPenney

A sustainable "magic" shopping bag that can turn into two in seconds.

Project Description

-The goal was to enhance JCPenney's customer experience of taking goods from the store to their houses in a meaningful and sustainable way.

-Try to reduce energy consumption and material waste in store.

-imporve both customers and employees' sustainablility consciousness and develop a more sustainable way of living.

-Redesign a sustainable shopping bag to help promote JCPenney's brand recognition. 


Most Common Problems with Shopping Bags




Bag Details

Sustainability Solution to Plastic Bag

Phasing out plastic bag


-Announce the phasing out of plastic bags in advance


-Charge $0.05 per plastic bag


-All plastic bags currently in stores are the ones brought back will

go towards JCPenney in the community

The reusable bag as a store staple


-Keep in-store mesh bags


-High quality and desireable item


-Brand as a staple of JCPenney


-Say HCPenney without screaming it

Shopping Experience Improvement

Employee Education & Motivation


-Inform employees about JCPenney's sustainable efforts


-Instill pride


-Sustainable shopping habits


-Incentives/Rewards for selling bags



-Bag will have significant presence


-Feature bag in ads


-Enticing store display racks


-Moderately advertise facts about the bag


-Include bag on website

JCPenney in The Community


-Introduce school programs in areas of need


-JCPenney interns, PTA leaders from schools, and parents working together


-Small scale to start


-Good thing to project about JCPenney sustainability efforts in the community


-Donate a bench or trash receptical to local parks


-Featured idea to kickstart conversation about JCP as a sustainable corporation

Rewards for Customers


-Rewards points for buying and reusing bag


-Keep a tally of efforts on customers' receipts


-Recycling receptacles on site


-Option to register school for playground program


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