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Designed by Junjie Piao, Yi Liu, Chen Lu, Ashwath Anand

Gulfstream 1

A telepresence robot for Gulfstream Design Center, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Ga

Project Description

​This is a three week project that challenged my team with the task to develop a telepresence robot specifically for Gulfstream Design Center, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Ga. It allows users to control the robot from anywhere using a web link and move around Gulfstream as well as communicate with people with live chat apps like Facetime and Skype.


GS1 serves the purpose of substituting people who are not able to be present at Gulfstream in person. No matter you are a future student, a student's parent who would like to take a tour inside Gulfstream Design Center or a current student who can't show up in class, GS1 is a perfect solution for you.


Apart from leading the team, my primary role is to develop and build the whole skeleton structure of the robot, mechanism of attaching tablet(ipad) to robot, methods of connecting servos to wheels and appearance of outer shell. What's more, I involed in interaction design of control methods.


How GS1 Works

Brainstorming and First Working Mockup

Design Refinement

​After experimenting on the first mockup, we identified drawbacks of current version including unstable skeleton structure, easily falling wheel and difficulty in turning around. Then we started to develop the next version overcoming above problems as well as mechanism of attaching ipad to robot and being able to turn ipad upward and downward for gaining wider angle of vision. 

Appearance Development

Since this second version works very well, we moved forward to appearance design of our robot.


The ipad case can be easily attached and dettached from robot thanks to the open structure at the bottom. What's more the case itself is a ipad stand as well.

Unfortunately, we are unable to turn an ipad or even an iphone upward and downward because the servo we are provided is not powerful enough compared to the weight of ipad/iphone + case.


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