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Interaction Design & Visual Design

We are asked to redesign ALCATEL's mobile phone appstore that will be installed in their next generation of Android cellphone.

Android App Design

ALCATEL ONETOUCH came to us asking for a brand new design of their mobile appstore that will be pre-installed in their next generation of Android cellphone.


Rather than showing us their current appstore design and defining do's and don'ts in advance, we are left with total freedom to try out any fresh and crazy idea we come up with.


Since everything inside Alcatel appstore will be free, we are able to define a simpler structure than other appstores.


We collaborated with Alcatel's designers from the very beginning for best mutual understanding. With community function we provided for Fitness Web Portal, our team also proposed a similar while unique function named friends to implement the UX of this new version of Alcatel Appstore.


As for visual design, we inherited certain design elements and style from our former design-Fitness Web Portal. What's more, we started developing a unique visual design style that could be applied across the whole Alcatel app design.  

Side Menu

Click on, or slide on the circle towards right will reveal the side menu, allowing a user to access to different sections. 

Games, Apps, Music, Movies and Books

Besides Featured page, there are five categories including games, apps, music, movies and books. A user can check hot ones or view them according to varied categories.

Swift Switch

A user can quickly switch among games, apps, music, movies and books sections simply by sliding either on section titles or anywhere inside content box. However, featured page, library, friends and settings page can only be accessed from side menu.


A user could instantly start downloading by swiping the icon down. By detecting the velocity and scroll-range, one can differentiate a regular scroll from a slide-icon-to-download behavior. We built an Android prototype as proof, which works pretty well.


Inside a certain category, contents are listed by Top, New and Trend. Each category is represented with a fixed icon compared to iOS appstore and Google Play, utilizing the most popular app icon in its category that constantly changes and potentially confuses users.

Detailed Page

Inside a detailed page, the next game in the list will be shown when a user scrolls down to the bottom. And it can be accessed simply by dragging and droping it on top of current game's box.


Search box can be accessed by scrolling all the way to top. Related contents to what a user input will be shown. Contents belong to the same category to current page are displayed on top. For example, according to animation above, games related to angry birds are disclosed at the very first beginning of search result because search box is entered from games page.

Friends & Collections

Inside a friend's page, a user can see his/her collections. A collection is a mixed set of apps, games, music, movies and books that are related to a same theme. For example, the Workout collection can be made of fitness apps, music Kelly likes listening whenn exercising and books for build up guidance. Anyone that is a member of this collection group can contribute to its contents.

Thank you for Watching!

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